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Me being a man never thought I would be reading a book like this, I glanced at a couple of pages and I did not put it down till I was done and I had to work the next morning. If I could give this book 10 plus stars I definitely would. The book is good never thought I would say that but I did, it was a pleasure to read this book. Thank you author. Keeping writing them because I will keep buying my copy. Thanks again.


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Hot Ghetto Mess 1 & 2 are exactly what they’re titled. If you love a hot mess with drugs, sex, profanity, fights and everything else that you have to read to find out about... THESE ARE THE BOOKS TO READ!!!!!!! BEWARE that it IS a hot mess so there may even be a few grammatical errors!! THEN there’s “You Deserve Better” that showcases SELF LOVE, SELF WORTH and battling insecurities. If you’re going through something, just came out of something or just love a good read? You Deserve Better is the Way to go.


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